About us

In the wonderful Southern Transylvania, in the shadows of Retezat Mountains and the South part of the Carpathians lays our small village, Csernakeresztúr (in Romanian Cristur).  It is 200 km away from the Nădlac border between Deva and Hunedoara towns.

Csernakeresztúr is Hunedoara County’s most populated Hungarian place being inhabited by more than a half of the population by Szeklers of Bukovina. (The Szeklers of Bukovina are a small Hungarian ethnic community) Our ancestors escaped from the Massacre at Mádéfalva in 1764 and they settled in Bukovina and five other villages such as Istensegíts (God, help us, now Ţibeni), Fogadjisten (God, welcome us!, now Iacobeşti), Hadikfalva, (now Dorneşti), Andrásfalva (now Măneuţi), and Józseffalva (now Vornicenii Mari). From these places settled the Hungarian State, the people in this village.

After the settlement, between 1915 and 1916, our ancestors built a church and in 1920 a Catholic school was opened.

Our nation is still proud of our inherited customs and traditions. We preserve the Bukovina of Szeklers’ folk dance from generation to generation and we also have a traditional Folk Dance Ensemble which is very active performing in different places in the country and abroad.

In Csernakeresztúr we offer villager hospitality in Hungarian families, with rooms of 1-4 beds, bathroom usage, with full or half-board service which contains homemade traditional foods, drinks and cookies. The guest houses are classified with 2 daisies.

The guest houses are provided with:

  • Barbecue, cauldron, furnace
  • Playground
  • Dining room, terrace
  • Parking options
  • Internet connection, Wi-Fi available
  • Bicycle rentals
  • Domestic animals view

 Local progamme options:

  • Going for a walk in the village
  • Visits in the country houses
  • View of Catholic church, Reformed belfry, chapel and school
  • Pig slaughtering, dinner made of pork specialties
  • Dinner together and dance house with the local traditional performance of the Folk Dance Ensemble
  • Farm-cart riding
  • Eastern, Christmas customs and traditions
  • New Year’s Eve programme

 Leaving from this place we can make a sightseeing tour of the Southern Transylvania’s most important places.