The Retezat National Park

- First in Romania since 1925, it is rich in vegetation and species of animals consisting several glacier derived lakes. Its peaks exceed 2500 m. It provides hiking possibilities for all ages with shelters and accomodation. Mountain climbing or harder hiking can be done only with a guide. For guided tour, mountain rescue, skiing lessons in Retezat Mountains is available Mr. Bartok Csaba, Hunedoara town, telephone number: . 0040-721052920


- On the edge of the park it  can be admired several  ancient churches and ruins.
- The stonechurch of Densus was built by Roman tombstones in the XIII century
- Orlea Reformed Church from the XIII century
- The Kendeffy Castle in Rau de Mori
- Colt Citadel
- Zejk church
- Sarmisegetusa, Roman citadel
- Prislop Orthodox Monastery