Charge for lodging:

  • 12 Euro/person/night
  • Breakfast: 3 Euro/person
  • Lunch: 5 Euro/person
  • Dinner: 5 Euro/person
  • Lodging and breakfast: 15 Euro/person/night
  • Lodging and half-board: 20 Euro/person/night
  • Lodging and full-board: 25 Euro/ person/night
  • A trip by bus has a 10% discount

We accept other currency too such as forint or lei but it must be the daily exchange rate of Euro.

Other services:

  • Foreign guided tour- 40 Euro or 12000ft/day
  • Foreign guided tour in Retezat Mountains- 60 Euro/day (max.20 persons)
  • A trip with farm-cart -8 Euro/hour
  • A performance of the Folk Dance Ensemble-85 Euro or 25000ft
  • Carpet weaving in the country house -15 Euro/hour (a group of 15 to 20 persons)

 We show free of charge any agricultural or animal breeding activity such as digging the land, mowing, planting seeds, milking, and horse carting.